Proposition 121 Colorado Ballot Measure

Proposition 121:

A Great Deal For Billionaires,

a Bad Deal for Us.

Proposition 121 Colorado Ballot Measure

Proposition 121: A Great Deal for Billionaires, a Bad Deal for Us.

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Proposition 121 means...

Apples sitting on books

Colorado owes K-12 schools $321 million in fiscal year 2022-23, as part of its unmet constitutional obligation to adequately fund public education.

Proposition 121 will make our schools fall even farther behind.

A truck.

The Colorado Department of Transportation needs $747 million annually just to maintain our current “C+” road surface grade.

Prop 121 is a one-way street to more traffic, more tolls, and more repair bills.

Medicare Card

The increase in health care costs for the state share of Medicaid was more than $200 million in fiscal year 2022-23, compared to the previous year.

As one of the fastest aging states, Colorado can't afford more cuts to health care.

Proposition 121 gives a payday to the wealthy...

What do you really get when we cut taxes? Bigger class sizes. More potholes. Longer waits for healthcare. Proposition 121 is a trap.

Everyone in Colorado, no matter race, ethnicity, or religion, wants their hard work to pay off to provide for themselves and their family. But when our tax code is rigged in favor of the wealthy and corporations, paychecks don’t go as far as they used to. When we continually cut income taxes, we deprive our communities of needed funds to upgrade schools, roads, and services throughout the state.

Mouse trap with money
Local taxes $ fees related to Proposition 121.

And more local taxes
& fees to you.

Cutting taxes may sound good, but 60% of Coloradans would LOSE money in the the long-run if Proposition 121 passes.

When revenue is reduced by regressive tax cuts, local governments raise other taxes to compensate. That means higher sales taxes, property taxes, and more fees for you, while the richest few continue reaping the spoils. We have to make sure everyone pays their fair share so that we can send our kids to safe schools, drive to work on paved roads, and get the quality health care we deserve.


Articles & Reports on Proposition 121

“Ultimately, as a voter, you must decide whether losing this public revenue is worth it to your personal bottom line. What makes Prop 121 worse is the severe inequity of the proposed tax rate decrease. As the non-partisan Blue Book voter guide makes clear, the change will put thousands of dollars into the pockets of millionaires, while average Coloradans will only save $50 to $70. Taking the analysis a step further, these will be false savings for most families because it could mean the cost of tuition or K-12 fees increase to make up for the cuts from the state budget. Prop 121 puts funding for our schools in jeopardy, leading to cuts that hurt average Colorado families but not the wealthy.”

“The “no” on Proposition 121 campaign has hit the nail on the head with advertisements showing pretend millionaires gloating about how much money they will save with this permanent reduction from 4.55% to 4.4%, while Coloradans with median income levels or lower, will likely receive less than $100.”

If you’re among the vast majority of working taxpayers, you would see your state income taxes dip about $5 a month. At the same time, wealthier Colorado residents would see their annual tax savings climb toward $7,000 a year, for couples raking in about $1 million a year.



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Father and child voting NO on proposition 121.

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